Chitra Nirmal Sethia Surgical Technology Hub, Imperial College London

The Chitra Nirmal Sethia Surgical Technology Hub forms part of the impressive Surgical Innovation Centre at St.Mary’s Hospital, part of Imperial College, London. Formally opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2015, the centre is at the forefront of technological innovation in surgery, benefitting patients with the latest developments in surgical technique and improving patient experience by reducing the need for extended inpatient care.

The centre serves as a fine example of how innovation can positively impact patients in practical ways, with minimally invasive techniques such as robotics and image-guided surgery used in its two laparoscopic theatres. The Surgical Innovation Centre is also home to the UK’s first Da Vinci robotic programme which aids surgeons in performing enhanced remote surgery.

In addition to using technological innovation to allow patients to leave hospital sooner, the centre also streamlines the consultation, diagnosis and treatment planning process, with the ability to provide all these services on the same day.

The Chitra Nirmal Sethia Surgical Technology Hub serves as a centre for surgical training and research, part of the facility’s holistic approach encompassing both education and clinical excellence. The Surgical Innovation Centre’s research programme benefits patients of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and aims to influence best practice across the NHS, thus playing an important role in helping the NHS address the many challenges of healthcare provision in the coming years.

Photo credit: Imperial College