Hindu Youth Festival

The Hindu Youth Festival, a wide-ranging event which encouraged young Hindus to explore issues of identity in Britain, was held in the UK in 2001. This 10-day festival explored social, moral and political issues in a variety of ways, including debates, discussions, plays, lectures and multi-media presentations. An enthusiastic group of young participants worked together, setting aside sectarian identities and developed positive relationships as a result, creating a strong foundation for the future of the community.

The event attracted some 70,000 visitors and attracted the attention of the media both in the UK and India, with coverage from the BBC, ITV and the Times of India among others. HRH The Prince of Wales, the Archbishop of Canterbury and then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, also voiced their support for the festival.

The N Sethia Foundation was delighted to be one of the main benefactors of the Hindu Youth Festival in support of its valuable endeavours.