Royal College of Physicians

A highly respected professional body representing some 36,000 doctors across the globe, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is dedicated to improving standards of medical practice. Founded in 1518, the college has a long and distinguished history of medical reform in the UK, and plays a key role in shaping health policy through its work with government. Today, it also undertakes a range of international projects, bringing its expertise to high, middle and low-income countries including several in Africa and the Middle East.

The RCP develops and coordinates the globally recognised MRCP (UK) examinations as part of the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, and delivers a wide range of projects aimed at strengthening health systems and improving medical standards globally. Another of its international activities is the management of the Medical Training Initiative which enables junior doctors from all over the world to work and train in the UK.

The RCP’s vision is that everyone should be able to have the best possible health and healthcare. In 2012, the N Sethia Foundation made a donation in support of the RCP’s work, specifically to fund the promotion of best practice and support in the field of organ donation.

Photo credit: Royal College of Physicians