Sheshadri Nagar Guest House, Tirupati

The Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam (TTD) welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The entire plateau on the hill is owned by the temple trust, which falls under the ministry of endowment (Govt. of India). This temple is considered as the Vatican of the Hindus.

More than 5,000 buildings make up the complex including hospitals and infrastructural facilities of a township that are all owned by the temple trust. On auspicious days like New Year’s Day and other such days, 1.5 to 2 million people visit this temple on the hill and therefore the temple trust provides facilities for the pilgrims to live for a night or two at a concessional rate similar to a hostel facility. The proceeds go into the treasury of the temple for maintenance of the complex.

During the year 1986, the N Sethia Foundation had supported the construction of the entire building with 36 apartment suites for the visiting pilgrims to stay. The complex is known as Sheshadri Nagar 2 and is completely managed by TTD.