Solar Water Heat plant for Matru Seva Sangh, Nagpur

Matru Sewa Sangh, Sitabuldi is a respected charitable trust with impeccable credentials.

Working towards the welfare of women and children from lower economic backgrounds, it has established over 13 maternity homes and other service projects in Vidharbha, M.P and Nagpur.

To set up a 50-bed maternity home at Sitabuldi Nagpur, the trust turned to Mr Nirmal Sethia for support. The sizable donation they received from the N. Sethia Foundation helped them install a huge solar energy plant to supply hot water and electricity to the entire maternity home complex.

Thus Mr Nirmal Sethia was instrumental in helping Matru Sewa Sangh maternity ward go green and use renewable energy. The money saved on the electricity bills are now diverted to other worthwhile projects carried out by the trust.