Institute of Jainology

The Institute of Jainology has been successfully promoting Jain art, educational projects and culture since the first international Jain Conference held in London in 1983.

Through the establishment of a Jain text translation program published by Harper Collins, the international Sacred Literature Trust of the Jain international community has been made accessible to online users.

Mr Nirmal Sethia is the Founding Trustee of the Institute of Jainology in the UK, and was the Chairman and speaker of the first International Jain conference held in London. The IOJ has catalogued the ‘Jain Manuscript’ at the British Library, enabling easy access for Jain readers. The Foundation has also donated to the IoJ in support of its ‘Ahimsa Award’. In particular, the Ahimsa Environment Award for Business and Community spearheads the resolution of many environmental and ecological concerns.

Additionally, IOJ has assisted in organising significant events such as the Jain exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Photo credit: Institute of Jainology